Create Jobs for USA

Pro bono work and collaboration with Starbucks.


Strarbucks Roast I Love

Users vote on their favourite roast

Salutation Nation 2011

A worldwide campaign for yoga organized by lululemon.

SQL Server 2008 R2

A complete redesign of the SQL Server website.

Who is Robert?

Robert MacKie is an Interaction Designer with over 9 years of experience in his field. An Interaction Designer who bases his work in a strong design process of user research, analysis, design, testing and iteration. He aspires to create products, services and experiences that contribute to the artistic community.  Robert looks for opportunities to create experiences that are humanizing, inspirational and delightful.


Wireframes. Flow diagrams. Competitive Analysis. Card Sorts. Heuristic Evaluation. Persona Creation. Prototyping. Site Maps. Usability Testing, Performance.

About Me

For the latest information about me please refer to my LinkedIn page.

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A BSc in Interactive Arts focused on Interaction Design and Performance Media. I also strives to better myself through professional development.


Over 9 years experience working with both clients based and internal projects. I've worked in agency, corporate and startup environments.